Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Futureproofing UK Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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This product gives you access to the recording of our webinar - including speaker discussions, presentations and Q&A.

Some of the key outputs and learnings from this event include:

  • What exactly does zero carbon mean and is 2030 or 2050 an achievable date?
  • The key to mission zero is all about getting the balance right - using the right energy ‘V’ using less energy
  • Learn about the alternative energy sources that we should be tapping into
  • Smart building management systems are the key to a sustainable energy usage

Event Information:

How can we ensure that the UK is ready for the looming increase in EV cars?

This event, brought to your by ABB, will look at the current position of the UK’s EV infrastructure, the vision for the future and what needs to be addressed to get us there. They’ll kickstart the event with a short presentation touching on recommendations that will ensure future proofing of infrastructure. This will include:

  • The interoperability with all EVs and systems
  • The ability to communicate securely, as required, with third parties to ensure maintenance, payment and improvements
  • Strategic location to ensure maximum convenience and use of charge points to benefit all stakeholders

Over the last decade ABB has consistently pushed the boundaries of EV charging technology, delivering the most advanced solutions which will support the EVs of today and tomorrow. ABB are now the partner of choice for the world’s biggest electric vehicle OEMs and nationwide EV charging network operators and want to are actively enabling the future of e-mobility.

Join this panel discussion to discover the perspectives from manufacturer, workplace and public charger installers to discover the challenges and opportunities we face in developing the UK charging infrastructure.

Speakers for this event include: