Full Webinar Video & Presentations: London Property Club: New Approaches to Housing Development

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While still fairly niche in the UK as a whole, Co-Living has been quickly growing in popularity across London. Covid has given a further boost to the co-living market which customers attracted by flexible leasing options and a sense of community that the shared living space and communal amenities and events provide.

Established operators are expanding and there is an influx of new players in the sector, ready to provide a living experience that traditional private renting cannot match. We will gather some of the most active and exciting developers and operators in the London co-living scene to hear about their upcoming projects and how they are working to meet the ever increasing demand for co-living accommodation.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Crosslane Co-Living – are part of Crosslane Group, an experienced PBSA developer which has delivered over 7,000 student beds across 7 countries. They joined the co-living sector in 2019 with a secured pipeline of 1,700 rooms across 5 sites, 3 of them in London.
  • Noiascape – Noiascape is a co-living developer and operator that is aiming to rethink shared living, using architecture and design to create facilities that encourage communal dining and social interaction – with shared spaces for events, exhibitions or working. Their first co-living space opened in 2018 and they have been steadily adding to their portfolio, their locations have become home to vibrant mixed generation communities. James will discuss their approach to shared living as well as their future plans, as they look to deliver more sites across the capital.
  • Clique Living – Rashi Vijan is founding director of Clique Living, a network of Co-Living spaces across the capital. They have exciting plans to expand and Rashi will discuss their model of retrofitting existing homes and retail or commercial spaces into co-living spaces and how it enables them to meet the increased demand in the sector in a sustainable and innovative way.