Full Webinar Presentations & Video: Procurement – An Enabler Not A Blocker; Sponsored by Prosper

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This free to attend webinar is brought to you by PROSPER – a not-for-profit strategic business consultancy who specialise in procurement, business transformation and new build.

In this webinar we’ll delve into procurement with numerous experts who’ll be sharing their experiences, their approach to procurement, the benefits of early engagement and general best practice within the sector.

Collaboration, early engagement, adopting innovative solutions, challenging the norm – these are just some of the important elements of procurement in the construction industry. In this webinar we’ll look into best practice within the sector, how we can maximise the opportunities, boost value and deliver exceptional results.

With years of expertise in a variety of different industries and sectors our panel are well positioned to give a diverse and ‘cover all bases’ overview – and the audience will have the opportunity to put their questions forward.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Thirteen Group – having recently announced a major £1bn investment to upgrade homes and deliver thousands of new properties they’re one of the firms helping to tackle the UK’s housing crisis through accelerating their delivery. Joining our panel will be Paul, a Chartered Civil Engineer who is responsible for strategic asset management, property and investment, compliance and delivering quality places through neighbourhood and property sustainability and active asset management principles.
  • PROSPER – the firm are a not-for-profit strategic business consultancy who specialise in procurement, business transformation and new build. Rod has over 30 years of commercial experience in roles across new build, retail banking and procurement sectors. He’s responsible for strategic growth for the business as it looks to develop a focused Procurement and Land Brokering Consultancy offer to become the partner of choice for social landlands and public sector organisations across the North East.
  • Beyond Housing – providing affordable homes for rent or purchase in the North East and Yorkshire, the firm are big advocates for collaboration. With 10 years experience in procurement and supply chain management Rebecca will be able to share her vast experience. With a strong emphasis on process improvement and challenging the norm Rebecca will share the benefits of having an ‘eyes open’ approach to changes and new solutions.
  • Engie – working for one of the UK’s leading services, business energy and regeneration companies, Tim is well known in the industry for versatility across numerous sectors. As a senior procurement, quality and commercial manager with proven experience in both the public and private sector he’ll be able to share his wealth of knowledge – with particular strength in procurement strategy.