Full Webinar Presentations & Video: Research Development (R&D) Explained: Encouraging Innovation & Fuelling Growth

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Did you know 95% of organisations in the construction and property sector are eligble to claim R&D tax credits?

R&D tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for innovative products, processes or services in their sector. They can help a company’s cash flow in the form of a cash payment or reduce an outstanding or upcoming corporation tax bill, allowing the company to re-invest money into products which further accelerate their R&D – allowing the company to hire staff and grow the business.

Recoup Capital are fast becoming the leading name in the construction industry specialising in R&D tax credits.

In this online event they’ll be highlighting some of the case studies within the industry to showcase how your company could be eligible now or in the future. Whether you’re a construction firm, architect, developer, civil engineer, fit-out contractors…etc you’re likely to be eligible and Recoup Capital will tell you how…

Speakers for this event include: