First look at Sheffield’s HS2 railway station

Posted on: May 17th, 2018
Posted by: Nathan Spencer
Categories: Yorkshire

With inward investment conversation ‘at an all time high’ according to Council officials the city of Sheffield is currently going through an exciting period. The backing of Boeing and McLaren have coming to the region, the revamp of the City Centre, the ambitious plans of Sheffield Hallam University and more have seen the city gain a lot of attention. That’s all before HS2, and now we can see how that could transform the railways station.

An image has been revealed as Sheffield Council prepare to unveil the This Is Sheffield Plan – which is intended to cover development in the city until 2028. The council is now seeking views from local residents within the community and companies working in the city. An online survey will now run until June 17th, with public exhibitions also being ran in various areas of the city.

We’re delighted to form part of the conversation in Sheffield as we host the Sheffield Development Plans Conference on the 4th June. We’re set to hear from some of the integral to the development of the city including Sheffield City Council, Queensbury Real Estate, Sheffield Property Association, Sheffield Hallam University and HS2 Growth Partnership.

The This Is Sheffield Plan comes after recent announcements on the Heart of the City II at Castlegate and the development of a £3m digital hub at Castle House. The plan also takes into account proposals by the city’s two Universities, with an initial sketch of how a new HS2 station link could help revolutionise the Sheaf Valley, which sees significant changes to transport including better walking, cycling and bus routes.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, who’ll be speaking at our conference in June, said: ”We want to continue creating fantastic workplaces whether it’s the new HSBC building, start-up spaces in Castle House and Exchange Studios or the award-winning Jaywing headquarters in the former Sidney Street cutlery forge. We want to expand the city’s business districts towards the HS2 station and knowledge gateway, and grow the six emerging living communities mainly on the western side of the city centre. We want to explore our heritage, history and ecology by uncovering our rivers and carrying out much-anticipated archaeological work.”

He added: ”We’re confident that Heart of the City II will give the people of Sheffield the high-end shopping, leisure and city centre living opportunities they deserve. We’ve also presented a vision for how a new HS2-station might look and how that might link to our other transport networks, helping to achieve our target of a zero carbon city by 2050. This plan offers a huge opportunity for those in the community to have that conversation – are they pleased with the progress that has been made? Is the city centre delivering what we hoped for an what lessons can we learn? What do people think of the new ideas? I’m very much looking forward to those answers.”

Join us for the Sheffield Development Plans Conference and be part of the exciting future for the city.

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