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Solving the Housing Crisis: The Role of Local Authorities in Delivering Homes; Sponsored by DCW Group

Friday, 9th October 2020 1145hrs – 1330hrs

This free-to-attend online event is brought to you in partnership with DCW Group.

In this online event we’ll be gathering a number of key decision makers from the housing industry to discuss the role the public sector and local authorities play in the housing sector, with a particular focus on bringing forward homes for private sale.

Through a series of short presentations and audience-led Q&A we’ll see details on new development projects, ambitious visions for the future, and information on how these companies and authorities are looking to work collaboratively to bring these schemes forward.

Speakers for this event include:

  • DCW Group – the organisation is set to launch a new innovative solution for the housing and residential sector, and they’ll be sharing intel into how this tool enables new homes to be delivered quicker, whilst helping to save valuable costs.
  • Karbon Homes – the firm are one of the North East’s faster growing social housing developers and have 10 sites that they are bringing forward for development over the coming year. Recognised regionally as being one of the most reliable and responsible affordable residential organisations, they have a unique take on what needs to be done in a region that is traditionally not renowned for wealth. They are also soon to venture into the realm of Garden Village development alongside Durham County council and Charlotte will be sharing all the exciting details of each project as part of this session.
  • Newcastle City Council – with Newcastle being one of the most populous cities in the region and with its population set to grow exponentially over the coming decades, the need for more housing has never been more urgent. Amanda will reveal details of the council’s plans for housing development over the coming years including affordable and council housing and what their strategy is to tackle the housing crisis.
  • Nottingham City Council – are pushing ahead with ambitious housebuilding targets across 4 key sites within the city boundaries and as part of this session Chris will be talking in depth about the local authority’s collaborative approach to development and how they will be pushing ahead with delivery over the next few years.
  • Birmingham City Council – as the country’s leading council for housing development Birmingham are already implementing a successful programme for housing growth, but they understand the need for more. Simon will give our audience an update on their residential development plans and their ambitious targets as they work in collaboration with the private sector as thousands of new houses are cropping up all across the city.

Our online webinars will merge our face-to-face events with a virtual platform – providing networking opportunities, an exceptional panel discussion and debate, speaker presentations and an exhibition hall. The agenda will run as follows:

11:45-12:00 – Speed Networking

12:00-13:00 – Main Stage – speakers discuss, debate and share presentations

13:00-13:30 – Speed Networking

Here’s a little video highlighting what to expect

And here’s a bit more information of key areas of our online webinars…

You’ll receive unique log-in details to join our online event via computer or phone – and you’ll be greeted with an easy navigation tool. You’ll be able to navigate to:

Main Stage

Where the webinar will take place with excellent speakers and content. You’ll be able to get involved, asking questions and taking part in live polls.


Just like a real event you’ll be able to meet and connect with new people in our forum. You can directly request to chat with someone or you can enter our ‘speed networking’ area to meet numerous new people within the industry. Get your elevator pitch ready!

Sponsor / Exhibitor Area

Meet our partners and sponsors – view what they’re all about, video chat with them and download their literature and product information.

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The service includes:

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  • Polygon mapping tool for details local build site analysis
  • Detailed demographic analysis of all UK postcodes
  • Multiple project management functionality
  • Dynamic financial metrics and cost to build modelling
  • Property template creation with schedules based on local data
  • Land purchase tracking, and preliminary build costs as a percentage or per unit
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Friday, 9th October 2020

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