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This event is set to look at the ever-changing retail environment and how behavioural shifts and Covid-19 will bring further change to towns centres.

There’s a number of challenges facing the physical retail landscape – and these are set to bring major changes to high streets, town centres and the whole retail environment.

In this webinar a number of major developers and retail asset owners including RivingtonHark and Ellandi will share their strategic approach to tackling the challenges, and highlighting the potential opportunities and the new routes and avenues they’re potentially taking for future projects.

This event will run in a similar manner to all of our physical events – with short presentations from several key speakers and opportunities for live Q&A and interaction.

Speakers for this event include:

  • RivingtonHark – have proven themselves to be top tier developers capable of regenerating and transforming high streets and town centres. With the retail sector facing huge challenges and the High Streets confronted with an uncertain future, Mark will talk about the work RivingtonHark have lined up for the future and how to create vibrant city centres via various means.
  • Ellandi – are experts in place-based regeneration. They particularly thrive in developing and managing retail and leisure related assets. With retail undergoing so many challenges they are well aware that their property is going to transform and as part of this session Holly will talk about how they are adapting to the future.
  • DAC Beachcroft – Christopher specialises in advising for both private and public sector clients on a wide range of planning, compulsory purchase, highways and public law matters, with a particular emphasis on mixed-use regeneration, housing, retail, and infrastructure projects. Christopher also has extensive judicial review experience, which includes hearings in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.