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Innovation and new technology is at the heart of the built environment, aiding and assisting the construction industry and ensuring that delivery and operation run as efficiently as possible. As we move more towards to a digital-by-default era in our towns and cities, digital infrastructure has never been more important in keeping us connected.

Digital construction and infrastructure is a fast moving area, with new technologies being developed everyday as nations across the globe move towards the digital shift. From pre-construction methods such as BIM to the delivery of smart city systems. This conference will feature contributions from industry experts, public sector stakeholders and private sector innovators to share in thought leadership about the future of digital application to the built environment.

Topics to be discussed:

  • £210m Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation
  • £12m North of Tyne Digital Sector Investment
  • Superfast North Yorkshire Project
  • Digital Catapult’s £20 million UK-wide initiative
  • £7m 5G and Future Connectivity fund
  • £200m 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme
  • 5G Scotland Rural Testbed
  • And much more…

Speakers for this event include: