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This event will look at the urgent need to retrofit housing across the UK to help tackle climate change and reveal the major investment and opportunities in this sector.

The UK has the least energy efficient housing stock in Europe. This leads to high energy bills and fuel poverty rates, as well as an unacceptable level of carbon emission. The UK government has an ambition to retrofit all homes to an energy efficient standard by 2035; currently only 29 per cent of homes meet this standard and so a massive programme of green retrofitting must take place over the next 15 years.

Research has shown that the cost of retrofitting all housing in the UK to zero carbon standards could top £100 billion and require almost half a million tradespeople.

This event will gather public sector decision makers, developers, major social housing providers and thought leaders to discuss what the UK must do to reach this ambitious target and share details of the projects that will contribute towards it. Topics will include:

  • How to roll-out the £100bn retrofit ambition
  • Karbon Home’s plans for 30,000 homes
  • Manchester City Council’s £260m retrofit programme
  • Cardiff’s search for a retrofit delivery partner
  • The Guinness Partnership’s retrofit project
  • WMCA’s aim to retrofit 50,000 homes by 2022
  • Abri’s £215m housing improvement programme
  • The £3.85 billion northern retrofitting revolution
  • BEIS’s £3.8 billion housing decarbonisation plan
  • South East Energy Hubs £1bn retrofit Programme

Speakers include: