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This webinar will focus on collaboration between the public and private sectors. Do they work well together and what could be improved? Is their interaction effective and does it benefit all parties? How will it work in the current Covid-19 situation? Collaboration has effectively replaced ‘partnering’ as the new buzz word in the industry but what does it mean?

Speakers will be invited to share their experiences and also future desires for more public-private sector working, as we gather the experts to discuss effective ways of working together in the context of their current and future workloads.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Legal & General Investment Management – L&G are known for forming successful partnerships with Council’s across the UK – where true collaboration has brought about transformational impact on towns and cities. We’ll hear what they’re targeting next and the secret to their partnership success.
  • Willmott Dixon – one of the UK’s leading privately-owned contractors in the industry – known for leaving a positive legacy in communities, collaborative schemes, innovation and sustainability. Richard, who also sits on the South East LEP Board, has a passion for collaboration and he’ll be discussing Willmott Dixon’s approach, the innovation and opportunities local government collaboration harnesses, whilst highlighting areas which could be explored and maximised more.
  • One Public Estate – is all about collaboration; its at the heart of everything that they do. Ellen will talk about collaboration between the Government departments at a local level with Councils and LEPS etc and how the private sector very much has a key role to play in making many of their development schemes become a reality.