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This webinar will focus on major regeneration projects across the UK – as we gather experts on transforming large-scale sites and huge brownfield land.

Regeneration has an incredibly positive impact on regional communities, and in this webinar we’re set to hear from some of those who’ve made it their mission to regenerate key sites across UK cities and towns.

Portsmouth City Council has recently announced a £1bn regeneration of a peninsula as they look to develop a new car-free community, RivingtonHark are leading the £200m regeneration of Swansea, Chaloner Group is now actively seeking land for new opportunities having completed an Advanced Manufacturing Park in the North East, and RLD has announced a £100m war-chest to develop in target cities across the UK.

These speakers will share a short presentation on their future development ambitions, whilst the likes of Chaloner and RLD will openly discuss how they’re looking to acquire sites across the UK – as they seek help from the construction and property industry for their next venture.

Speakers for this event include:

  • RivingtonHark – the firm are the lead developer on Swansea’s £1bn regeneration project which will completely transform the city centre. From a new indoor arena to city centre living and commercial space – the scheme will act as a catalyst for further investment and we’ll hear about the ongoing first phase, and the timeframes for the remainder of the project.
  • Real Estate Land & Development Group – an expert of the major regeneration forum, Roger is returning to the UK property scene with a £100m war chest which will focus on the regeneration of London Docklands and other projects in Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester. With a wealth of retrospective knowledge of the UK property scene, he will unveil his ambitions for the next decade.
  • Portsmouth City Council – described as a “once in a generation opportunity,” Tipner West is a £1bn development which will create thousands of jobs and create a truly inclusive economy for the people of Portsmouth. Natascha is one of the main drivers of the project and she will unveil all of the important details around timelines and delivery of the project.