Full Webinar Presentations & Video: Offsite Manufacturing & Modern Methods of Construction

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This webinar will focus on leading firms utilising offsite and modular methods.

Speakers will be invited to share details on their current development programme and future pipelines which are likely to utilise MMC heavily, as well as providing advice and opinion on the use of offsite and modular construction within the industry. They’ll also give their opinion on what the industry needs to do to survive the current crisis, what it requires in the short term and how we will manage the increased demand and activity once the UK recovers.

Speakers for this event include:

  • Modularize – was established to bridge the gap between manufacturing and construction. Since launching, they’ve worked on some of the most ground-breaking projects in the Modern Construction sector. They work with organisations who share their vision of an industrialised and digitised construction sector. They integrate Modern Methods of Construction and digital ecosystems into the buildings of tomorrow. Gaynor is a leading voice in the Offsite and MMC world who has created the Offsite Alliance with the aim of bringing the industry together and speaking out with a clear voice to government and developers so that the current offsite construction boom can gather even more momentum and become mainstream.
  • Swan Housing Association – build 400+ modular homes per year in their custom factory which opened in 2017. Valerie will give us insight into how the current crisis is affecting the offsite and MMC sector as well as looking ahead to Swan’s future projects using MMC and how it can help tackle the housing crisis in the UK. Valerie is also a non-executive director at Hanover Housing.
  • L&Q Group – have committed to building 100,000 homes using MMC over the next decade. As a key part of their MMC team, Lanre will explain how L&Q plan to achieve their move towards MMC and update us on their pipeline of future projects.
  • AECOM – is the world’s premier infrastructure firm, partnering with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come. John leads on their Modular and offsite manufacturing sector and projects.