Full Webinar Video & Presentations: Space: The Final Frontier for the Property & Construction Sector

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Some of the key outputs and learnings from this event include:

  • Learn about the UK’s desire to build multiple Space Ports across the UK
  • Hear from Spaceport Cornwall about their development plans
  • The UK Space Agency shares their vision for the impact of satellites on all aspects of life and business
  • Space Park Leicester – set to capitalise on the investment in the space sector with some ambitious development plans

Event Information:

This online event will look at the thriving space sector which is about to erupt and create an abundance of opportunities in the built environment and construction sector.

Both Government and the private sector are investing billions of pounds into the UK’s space sector at present – and this is creating a new frontier for the built environment industry to enter.

Funding and investment are creating Space focused employment clusters and large scale employment hubs – with the UK now needing to build new capabilities and skills to support growth in the globally competitive commercial space market. This event brings together policy influencers and space experts to identify opportunities, challenges and showcase some of the biggest projects on the horizon.

Speakers for this event include:

  • UK Space Agency – already working with the property and construction sector exploring ways of how they can use Space in their day to day activities, Emily is also the lead on commercial microgravity. Working very closely with colleagues in the Human and Robotic Exploration team, she is looking at how the microgravity environment can be commercialised to aid developers, investors and the rest of the built environment supply chain in achieving their ambitions.
  • Space Park Leicester – Space Park Leicester have £100m worth of development projects which will transform them into a world leading space exploration and research hub. Grant will be able to share thought leadership into these developments and insight into how this will affect the surrounding areas positively, alongside the future plans for Space Park Leicester.
  • Spaceport Cornwall – The UK Government has an ambition to have a spaceport in the UK by 2021, and Spaceport Cornwall will be the host of the first horizontal launch site. Working in conjunction with Virgin Orbit the Port will deliver billions of pounds worth of economic growth for the South West. The scheme received an initial £25m funding boost from multiple stakeholders in order to get off the ground, and Melissa will share an update to how developments are progressing and what’s next.