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Full Event Videos: Scotland Development Conference

This event will showcase over £50bn of development, thousands of new homes and transformational infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Billions of pounds worth of development projects ranging from the 100,000 affordable homes the Scottish Government is pledging will be built by 2040, to major road and rail projects as well as significant placemaking and mixed-use […]

Full Event Videos: York and North Yorkshire Development Plans

North Yorkshire will become a hub of investment and growth over the coming decade, with a number of town centres in line for their biggest investment in decades. This comes in addition to billions worth of major projects in the region set to unfold over the coming years, with a £1.1bn valuation of the York […]

Full Event Videos: Ports and Freeports Development Conference

Over £10 billion of new projects, hundreds of acres of development and 7GW of new renewable energy capacity are set to be discussed at this event. The ports sector is vital to UK PLC, facilitating 95% of our global trade and representing £500 billion in value every year. The sector directly employs over 100,000 people, […]

Full Event Videos: Nuclear Sector Development and Investment Conference

The UK generates about 20% of its electricity from nuclear, but almost half of current capacity is to be retired by 2025. As a result, the nation has implemented a thorough assessment process for new reactor designs and their potential location, investing over £55bn in new schemes. The government are also backing plans for new […]

Full Event Video: Developing Gigafactories – Supporting Britain’s Net Zero Ambitions; Sponsored by ISG

Intel on over £5 billion worth of UK capital development projects will be spoken about on this webinar. The transition to electrification has generated a rapidly increasing demand for battery cells and packs powering electric vehicles (EVs). Within the UK, it has been estimated that by 2040 there will be demand for 130GWh in battery […]

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Octopus Energy Generation funds EV charging infrastructure in the North of England

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Peel Cubico Renewables launches green energy scheme on Isle of Man

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CBRE secures £20M funding for development of heat network at Liverpool Waters

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Aviva Investors to invest up to £110 million in Connected Kerb to support nationwide delivery of EV charging infrastructure

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Northstone submits plans for 74-sustainable homes in Lancaster

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Octopus Energy expands hub at Slough Trading Estate

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