With the last two years being restriction-riddled, physical events took a back seat and Businesses like ours had to patiently wait it out. However, 2021 allowed us to go back to the drawing board and create a solution that would let us build a safe environment for our events – with the launch of our heavily successful online events. As well as our innovative hybrid conferences, which were designed in anticipation of a time where meeting together in groups could be done safely. And thankfully, that time is now!

People are once again allowed to convene in large numbers, and they just can’t get enough (understandably…). But seriously, events have never been so popular! Both individuals and businesses are just raring to go. Having their plans thwarted and their growth stunted for 18 months naturally means they’re all chomping at the bit to get back up to full speed.

But what does that mean to you? Quite simply, it means you have the chance to be in a room full of high-level people who are ready and wanting to green light decisions to get their shows on the road. It’s a perfect storm, and Built Environment Networking are working extremely hard to facilitate a variety of different events in a variety of different locations to allow our network to capitalise on this phenomenon.

So what’s on offer? Well without tooting our own horn, what isn’t! BUT. Before we delve deeper into the true scope of our events, first and foremost, we want to tell you about our most exciting event of 2022 – UKREiiF.

Now, the reason we want to home in on this one specifically is because we believe it is the very first of its kind – which in this day and age is a rarity you can really write a song and dance about!

UKREiiF is an event designed to bring together investors, developers, funders, the public sector and end users to instigate economic growth within the UK. The largest developers and investors from across the UK (but also spanning internationally) will be gathering in one place to discuss future developments and opportunities in their embryonic stages, giving attendees ‘first dibs’ in terms of bids on extremely lucrative deals. Here relationships will be formed which will revolutionise the businesses lucky enough to be involved. It’s something we’re extremely proud (as well as excited) to present, and simply cannot be missed by businesses with real ambition.

Along with UKREiiF, we’ve made a conscious effort to cover a notably wide range of events, with the intention of educating our network on every open door they have available to them. Things you’d undoubtedly miss without having your attention deliberately drawn to. For example, National Frameworks, Airports, Floods and Retirement & Later Life. These events all boast multi-billion/multi-million pound pipelines that you’d lose out on, simply by not knowing about them! The more you know, the more prepared you are to snatch an opportunity as it arises – its simple!

National Frameworks – London

This conference will focus on frameworks and routes of procurement – discussing new frameworks, frameworks up for renewal and best practice as well as their role in the government’s ‘build back better’ and ‘levelling up’ initiatives.

  • PFH’s £600 million MMC Framework
  • Central Bedfordshire’s £500m building framework
  • Building Better’s MMC Framework for 5,300 homes

Airports – Manchester

How airports will recover and fightback from the effects of the pandemic and how they are adapting to climate change restrictions as the UK looks to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050; inc.:

  • Gatwick’s £500m second runway plans
  • Intel on future Blackpool Airport investment
  • £500 million London City Airport Expansion
  • Bristol Airport’s multi million pound expansion plans
  • Guernsey Airport’s development masterplan
  • Business park development at Gloucestershire Airport

Floods – London

The UK is set to deliver 2,000 new flood defences, investing billions of pounds to protect over 5 million homes and properties from flooding – and this conference will highlight the opportunities for your business in the sector.

  • £25m Cardiff Coastal Protection Scheme
  • £54.7m Preston & South Ribble £54m Flood Scheme
  • £88m Hawick Flood Protection Scheme
  • £860m flood defence schemes in 2021-2022
  • £501m River Thames Scheme
  • £100m Boston Barrier Tidal Flood Defence Scheme

Retirement & Later Life – London

Retirement Living is one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, and is predicted to be worth over £55 billion by 2023. It is also a sector going through major change and upheaval, where the needs and requirements of residents have changed massively over the last two years.

  • McCarthy & Stone’s £200m 650-home investment
  • Audley Group’s £500m retirement JV
  • OakNorth Bank’s £350m of support
  • RVG’s £2bn development drive
  • Lovell’s £130m move into the later living sector
  • Octopus Real Estate’s £1bn investments
  • Allegra Care’s £125m expansion JV

Like we said, we offer a great variety of topics across our events (we believe more than any other events business currently operating within our field…). But what do we offer in terms of location variation? Again, see for yourself…

  • UKREiiF Annual Event – Leeds
  • South Coast Conference – Brighton
  • North East Development Conference – Newcastle
  • Northern Powerhouse Economic Growth Conference – Manchester
  • Thames Valley Economic Growth & Development Conference – Reading
  • London Property Lunch – London (Westminster)
  • Republic of Ireland Development Conference – Dublin

So as you can see, our events are far-reaching and as inclusive as possible for those within our industry, working in the UK. We understand time is valuable, and we do our best to make sure opportunities are always just around the corner, regardless of the region you reside in.

Hopefully this brief piece has given you a broad perspective of what’s available to you in 2022, and if there’s anything you’ve read about that’s captured your imagination, just click the blue links in the text to find out more.

Download our 2022 calendar below: