Full Conference Video & Presentations: Flood Risk & Defence Development Conference

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Some of the key outputs and learnings from this event include:

  • On the day that the UK faced numerous flood warnings – find out why this will hopefully be a thing of the past
  • Reacting to climate change; collaboration between the public and private sectors is key
  • How biodiversity and natural resources can hold the key to flood defences
  • Challenges – City and Rural – Bristol and East Anglia compare notes

Event Information:

This online conference will focus on the increased need to invest more into flood prevention – as we delve into the development and construction of defences, innovative solutions and how the industry can help tackle climate change.

As a country well known for its wet weather conditions, flooding affects over 5 million people every year. The government have recently announced a record £5.2 billion investment into the construction of flood and coastal defences, with innovative projects focused on sustainable drainage systems and nature based flood solutions in the pipeline.

This conference will show how the country is preparing for the increased potential for flooding following climate change, and the strategies being implemented to ensure flood damage is kept to a minimum through associated infrastructure and other strategic projects. Topics will include:

  • Best practice shared amongst sector stakeholders
  • Dive into the £5.2bn investment from Government
  • Overview of Environment Agency’s future work
  • Strategic overviews from numerous councils
  • Scotland’s £88m flood defence scheme for Hawick
  • Innovative new solutions and approaches to flood risk
  • Intel shared on new flood and coastal defences
  • £100m plans across Avonmouth and Severnside
  • DEFRA-funded flood resilience Pathfinder Projects
  • Southsea Coastal Partners £100m scheme

Speakers for this event include: